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Our Founders & Executives

Management Board

Daniels Bethers, board member and member of the Request management board

Daniels Bethers

Board Member

Seamlessly merging creative brilliance with a deep understanding of technology, Daniels continues to steer our team toward new horizons, where technology and design intersect harmoniously.
Dāvids Neikens, board member and member of the Request management board

Dāvids Neikens

Board Member

Fusing innovative marketing strategies with a profound mastery of e-commerce dynamics, Dāvids propels our team towards unexplored territories, ensuring that our strategies resonate effectively in the online marketplace.

Our Consulting Partners

Advisory Team

Toms Lāzo, consulting partner and member of the Request advisory team / management board

Toms Lāzo

Consulting partner

With a remarkable track record of successful campaigns for various global brands, Toms brings a strategic edge to our advisory team with his vast experience in performance marketing and media buying.

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